Water Softener Limescale Removal Standard


1-4 Person House</p>

100% Limescale Removal

Free Professional Installation

8 or 10 Litre Cabinet

1300 Litre Capacity

Can be installed Inside or Outside

Suitable for Apartments or Houses

Whole House Softening Filtration

Does Not Affect Water Pressure

NSF Highest Standard Certified

*Requires a 25kg bag of softening salt upon installation – not included


The Standard Water Softener Limescale Removal is one of the most efficient water softeners available on the Irish market due to its intelligent controller and up-flow proportional brining system saving water, regenerant & money for the home owner.


  1. Since limescale is an insulator, the presence of excess scale buildup results in heat loss. It’s twice as hard to get your water hot and plumbed to where it needs to be.
  2. With soft water, your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard.
  3. The Standard Water Softener Limescale Removal can save you up to 27% on energy costs in a single year.
  4. The eSoft ECO cabinet water softener is suitable for a family home of 1-4 persons.
  5. This whole house water softener removes hardness/ lime from the water entering the house, ensuring your appliances, pipes, fittings, hair and skin are protected from hard water / limescale.
  6. Spend less time cleaning
  7. Laundry comes out brighter, glasses and dishes regain their shine
  8. It’s better for cooking and making drinks
  9. Protect your appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines
  10. Enjoy showers and baths with silky smooth water
  11. Reduce streaking and spotting when you wash your car
  12. Does Not Affect Water Pressure
  13. Whole House Softening Filtration
  14. Suitable for Apartments or Houses

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