Automatic Filterpress & Dewatering Systems

One Eight Water Filtration are exclusive agents for Roxia Finland and Aquachem Belgium, who are the premium design developers and manufactures of dewatering technologies in Europe. On this blog we will discuss our Automatic Filterpress & Dewatering Systems.

The AF Filter Machine Series filter and discharge the filter cake reliably whilst unattended in a 24-hour operation cycle ensuring high availability and low downtime.

Due to the unique automation technology, the system has a great throughput in m³/h compared to conventional chamber filter presses.

Automatic Filterpress & Dewatering Systems

The AF filter machines are developed from conventional recessed chamber filter presses, which is a proven system in the industry.  Due to current industrial requirements a greater degree of automation and efficiency is necessary, which has led to some recessed chamber filter presses becoming redundant.  The AF filter concept is to optimise the interaction between assemblies, which enables the safe and efficient operation.  The automated flexibility allows automatic adaption to changing conditions (such as slurry concentration or even specific filtration characteristics).  The AF series are equipped with an intelligent control system alongside with technology, which enables a maximum flexibility.

Our Smart Filter Press™ (SFP) is a self-cleaning industrial filter with a small footprint.  It can reach up to 10 times higher capacity compared to conventional recessed filter presses of the same size.

Filtration happens within a gasketed filter plate pack, behind enclosed and interlocked doors without slurry sprays and no human contact with filter cake, filtrate, or fumes. Read more about our filtration types here

The Smart Filter Press has various new and innovative features, including fully automatic cake discharge and trouble-free operation, almost without operator involvement.  A unique design of this sludge filter press is it has an integrated smart self-monitoring system.  This makes the SFP filter the safest and the least labour demanding fully automatic filter press on the market.

Key Features:

  • Lower Operation & maintenance cost. Unmanned availability above 98 %, only periodical inspections required.
  • Fully Automatic Operation with enhanced Safety systems.
  • High Capacity with minimum footprint.

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