Colour & Turbidity Removal

Turbidity is the clarity of your water.  If your water appears to be cloudy, it may pose a health risk by containing micro-organisms together with organics and other contaminants.  Removing suspended particles, colour, and excessive turbidity from your water will result in clean, clear and most importantly safe drinking water for your family.

Turbidity is caused by suspended matter in your water, such as clay, silt and tiny particles of dirt, which interfere with the water clarity.  It describes the relative clarity of the water, ranging from perfectly clear and transparent to cloudy or hazy.  Turbidity is measured in NTU . Drinking water should be less than 5 NTU but ideally less than 1NTU

Turbidity is caused by a number of sources:

    • The breakdown of naturally occurring organic materials
    • Domestic and commercial chemical waste
    • Chemical reactions that occur during water treatment processes

Turbidity is a key indicator of water health and a full water test is always advised.



A very effective method to remove turbidity is with reverse osmosis (RO) or Carbon block membrane systems. RO and Carbon block systems can be used by homeowners, small businesses and commercial sites to reduce turbidity and produce crystal clear water with less than 0.1 NTUs. 



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