Reverse Osmosis


Discover the excellence of our Domestic Reverse Osmosis Filters – the perfect solution for delicious and healthy water. Unique technology ensures the highest quality filtration, removing impurities and contaminants, while enriching water with essential minerals.

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    Showing 1–16 of 17 results

    Improve your drinking water by removing; chlorine, fluoride, bacteria/organics, lead, sediment, pharmaceuticals, bad taste and odour with our reverse osmosis water filter.

    Enjoy an endless supply of quality Drinking Water with our vast experience in water treatment. 

    We have a large range of filtration systems that can handle any problem you may have in your home water supply, from fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, bacteria or any other contaminant.  You can rest assured that you are drinking only the safest drinking water with a One Eight Drinking Water System. 

    We offer a complete range of water filtration products to suit your unique needs.  Our water filtration equipment ranges from ceramic filters and activated carbon to highly sophisticated reverse osmosis water filters.


    5 Stage Pumped & Non-pumped Reverse Osmosis System

    Our Drinking Water 5 Stage Purification System is a complete filtration system providing high quality, pure water.  This system will clean and purify your tap water to ensure high-quality water for your tea/coffee, preparing and cooking food, as well as rehydrating after exercise.  Drinking water is an essential component for a healthy life.  Our 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System will ensure your drinking water supply produces excellent water for every use.

    This system is essential for anyone concerned about their health along with their family’s health. With ageing water infrastructures as well as contaminations scares, the levels of chemicals and contaminants in tap water vary greatly.  We have designed and manufactured a complete purification system for drinking water that will filter out a range of contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, bad taste & odour.

    5 Stages of filtration


    1. The first stage of the filtration process is a 10-inch sediment filter. This filter is made from 100% pure polypropylene and has an extra high capacity. This pre-filter will remove and reduce sediments, including rust, dirt, silt and sand.

    2. The second stage of the filtration process is a 10-inch GAC filter. This filter is made from high performance activated carbon. The second pre-filter will remove and reduce chlorine, odour, organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals.

    3. The third stage is a 10-inch carbon block filter which is made from high-performance carbon. This final pre-filter will remove any remaining chlorine and other volatile organic contaminants and 99.95% of giardia and cryptosporidium cysts.

    4. Once the pre-filtration stages have taken place your water will pass through the 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis membrane where the main filtration will take place. This will reduce and remove between 97 – 99% of contaminants.

    5. The fifth and final stage is an inline carbon taste and odour filter.  This will improve the taste and odour of your drinking water.  This high-quality system is expertly manufactured using water safe products.

    All our reverse osmosis water filtration systems come fully tested, with filters and membranes installed.  The system will be ready for use with all the necessary components as well as an installation guide.

    The system includes filters and membranes as well as a storage tank. We recommend replacing the filters every 6-12 months to ensure uninterrupted, high quality, pure water.

    Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System

    • Reverse osmosis filtration can remove up to 95% of dissolved impurities and make water pure.
    • The Reverse Osmosis process eliminates sodium content from the water.
    • It gives us clean and pure water by blocking all contaminants.
    • This system does not require any use of chemicals to purify water.
    • RO purified water is better than bottled water.
    • RO purified water is better for cooking.
    • It is the best method for water softening.
    • The semipermeable membrane will block all ion particles.
    • The maintenance of the system is very simple.
    • The available RO systems are very compact, and it requires little space.
    • The useful life of the full system, including the membrane, is over two years.
    • The energy requirement for the RO system is very low.
    • RO systems are totally automated and are designed to start and stop on their own.