Drinking Water Filters

Water Filters for Great Tasting Water

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter

The water that reaches your home can contain a lot of impurities making it unsafe for drinking, which is especially true when supplied from a private well.  While the municipal tap water in your home is treated with chlorine, it will also have contaminants that people would rather not drink and can cause damage to appliances.  A water filter is an economical and effective way to remove harmful contaminants such as; chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, lead and improve the taste of tap water.

Talk to one of our experts and they can help and advise on the options available to you.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply you with a water filtration system that will:

  • Reduce unpleasant odour and bad taste.
  • Remove harmful chemicals and unwanted substances.
  • Filter out dirt, sediments, and rust from water.
  • Eliminate contamination caused due to bacteria, viruses, and cysts.
  • Remove 100% limescale, iron , manganese etc.
  • Remove hydrogen sulphide

Key Benefits of Using Filtered Water

  • Ensure safe drinking water for your family
  • No more chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, pesticides etc.
  • Better taste and smell
  • No need to worry about boil water notices
  • Enjoy tasty meals, soups, and better baking results
  • Saves inconvenience and money spent on buying bottled water
  • No plastic waste and good for the environment
  • Much More

Our Range of Water Filter Systems

One Eight Filtration pride ourselves on providing domestic and commercial water filtration.  We offer a wide selection of water filters and cartridges that make your drinking water safe for consumption.

Our products vary from simple single-stage filters to multi-stage reverse osmosis filter systems that are capable of removing up to 99.9% of known impurities from your water.  Each of our customers has a unique requirement, and our highly skilled team ensure you get the best products and service available.

Well Water Filters

Individual Water Treatment Solution For Your Private Well.

Ecomix filter removes iron, manganese, organics & lime


Many areas in Ireland are not connected to a public scheme and as such have their own private well/ borehole to supply their homes.  However, it is important to be aware of the risks posed to water coming from private wells.  Soil protects to an extent but if your well is shallow, it is vulnerable to contamination.  The quality of well water can also vary throughout the year depending on climatic conditions such as heavy rainfall or dry spells.

Well water or any other type of naturally sourced raw water in Ireland can leave the end-user with many different issues.  From excessive lime in water, unpleasant smells, and bacterial contamination to leaving stains on your clothes and fixtures, the problems are endless.

Furthermore, the quality of water coming from natural sources cannot be regulated, it becomes the homeowner responsibility to ensure you are using clean and safe water.

Types of Well Water Filter Systems

We supply a wide range of well water treatment systems including water softeners, iron & manganese removal units, ultraviolet lights, pH balancing units, sulphur removal systems, and many more.  Our specialist well water filtration systems improve the water quality in your premises, and also provide pure clean drinking water by removing existing contaminants.

We always recommend that you have a full water analysis carried out on your water supply.  This will allow you and us to know exactly what the issue is with your water supply, as well as specifying the correct system for your particular needs.  Depending on the level of contaminants in the water you may qualify for a grant that can help with the cost of resolving your water issue.

Here is some information on the different types of issues that can occur in private well water supplies.

Hard water is almost certainly found in most private wells.  Remove excessive hardness present in your water and prevent the damage caused by limescale build-up by installing a water softening system for your well.

Remove brown or black stains on your appliances created by the water coming in your home from your well by choosing iron and manganese removal filters.  Our advanced filtration systems are a cost-effective way to eliminate stains caused due to excessive iron or manganese in the water

Remove Iron and Manganese from Water

Unpleasant metallic tastes, rust particles, staining on the bath and sink and other plumbing fixtures, or red water are indicators that you may have high iron or manganese in the water.

Natural sources of iron and manganese are more common in deeper wells where the water has been in contact with rock for a longer time.  Water coming from wells with high iron and/or manganese may appear colourless initially but orange-brown (iron) or black (manganese) stains or particles quickly appear as the water is exposed to air (oxygen).

Our iron and manganese filter systems can effectively remove iron and manganese from your water supply and provide you with excellent quality water for your home.

Some of the benefits of our Iron & Manganese Removal Filters are:

  • Complete removal of iron & manganese from water
  • Prevents staining on plumbing fixtures, appliances & laundry
  • Increases lifespan of kitchen & bathroom appliances
  • Easy Regeneration
  • High Flow Rates
  • Saves water

Indicators of High Iron & Manganese in Water

Here are some of the common problems homeowners complain about when they first contact us.

  • Brown/red staining on toilets, sinks, and tubs
  • Deposits on plumbing fittings and cooking utensils
  • Staining on laundry, especially whites
  • Low pressure from pipes
  • Metallic or bitter taste to water
  • Damage to water-using appliances

Talk to one of our experts today and we can advise on the best solutions to your iron manganese problems. You may also qualify for a grant for the removal system.

Bacteria is part of our water environment, but whilst it is a key part of our eco system is can be harmful to drink.  Our ultraviolet lights use UV technology to disinfect the water in a chemical-free way killing all the harmful micro-organisms.