Legionella Risk Assessment, Sampling & Analysis

The requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 is employers must consider its employees and their risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria in the workplace. One Eight Filtration’s trained and certified engineers conduct Legionella Risk Assessments, which may be applied to the workplace safety statement.

One Eight industry services includes:

  • Legionella Risk Assessment of Hot & Cold water systems and cooling towers.
  • Legionella sampling & testing.
  • Creation and auditing of site specific legionella logbooks.
  • Full monitoring including log book maintenance routine flushing, disinfection & temperature checks.
  • Cold water storage tank inspections and cleaning
  • Creation of testing schedules for on site facilities personnel and training.


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Legionella poses a significant risk to workers and the public.  Legionella pneumophila is contracted by inhalation of affected water droplets.  Showers, spray taps, jacuzzies, fountains, humidifiers, vehicle washing equipment and cooling towers can be sources of legionella.

A Legionella risk assessment is particularly important where faculties, shops and offices have been closed for long periods.  Legionella bacteria thrive in warm, stagnant water.  The Irish HSE has recently issued warnings about the risk of legionella in facilities.

A Legionella risk assessment will help prevent Legionella pneumophila by identifying where the risks are.  Environmental Efficiency carries out Legionella risk assessments in line with guidance document HSG 274 Part 2.

The risk assessment is performed by checking temperatures of water outlets after running for a specified time.  The hot and cold-water storage facilities are also inspected.  Where equipment produces a spray or mist, for example, cooling towers and jacuzzies or other high-risk areas, samples are also taken. Water samples are sent for analysis to an ISO17025 accredited laboratory.  A report is then written, which constitutes the Legionella risk assessment.

Under Occupational Health and Safety legislation, a legal obligation lies on employers to carry out a risk assessment in relation to legionella prevention and control in the workplace and where a risk is identified the appropriate control measures should be put into place and a risk management plan adopted.

Outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease have been associated with:

  • Drinking Water Fountains
  • Hospital Patient Humidifiers
  • Air Handling Units / Aircon Systems
  • Sprinkler/ Irrigation Systems and Hose Reels

Our range of experience includes detailed risk assessments on industrial buildings, hotels, shopping centres, office buildings, airports, universities.

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