Fresh Water Filter Housing PENTEK (TM) 10 Inch Length; 1 Inch Female Ports; with Pressure Relief Valve



One Eight Filtration introduces the Fresh Water Filter Housing PENTEK (TM) 10 Inch Length 1 Inch Female Ports; with Pressure Relief Valve

The Big Blue 10″ Filter Housing is an extra-wide housing that accommodates large 4.5″ wide filters for increased flow. This housing has a pressure relief button on the cap. It is made of a durable, reinforced polypropylene that is compatible with a variety of chemicals. Topping the housing off is a high-flow polypropylene cap with 1″ external female NPT ports and large internal ports, allowing water to pass through rapidly. This coupled with the already larger-than-standard filter capacity make Big Blue Housings popular choices for high flow applications. DOES NOT include filter cartridges, brackets, fittings, or mounting screws

  • 1 inch NPT inlet and outlet ports
  • Built in pressure-relief button
  • Leak proof sealing with top seated Buna-N O-ring

The following materials are used for water filter housings:.

Polyamide, thermoplastic material with temperature resistance up to 73 °C. Known for its excellent chemical compatibility and durability.

POLYPROPYLENE (PP) , as a thermoplastic polymer for use in a variety of applications. The main features here are high chemical resistance, light weight, robust construction, easy to maintain and clean.

SAN, styrene-acrylonitrile copolymers have similar properties to polystyrene and are transparent and rigid polymers. SAN has higher strength, thermal and scratch resistance than polystyrene and is more chemically resistant, for example, to amines, which in turn are a common component of plasticizers

NBR, acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, also known as nitrile rubber, abbreviated AB and NBR, is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and 1,3-butadiene and is one of the synthetic rubbers. Vulcanizates of the rubber have a high resistance to mineral oils, greases and hydrocarbons. The material is marketed under the brand names Perbunan N (formerly Buna N) or Europrene N, for example.

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