Viqua Lamp S200RL-HO VH200


Brand: Viqua

Description: VH200

Watt: 30

Length:  300mm

  • The S200RL-HO is the replacement UV lamp for VIQUA VH200 series of ultraviolet water treatment systems.
  • ANNUAL LAMP CHANGE: After a year, UV light weakens and isn’t strong enough to properly treat your water. Replacing your lamp annually with a genuine VIQUA lamp ensures optimal system performance.


One Eight Filtration introduces the Viqua S330RL Lamp part of our UV lamps range.

The S330RL lamp is the replacement lamp for Sterilight S2Q-PA/PV, SSM-17 and SC4/2 UV units.

Viqua is the new brand name for Sterilight.

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