Viqua UV Trojan Max – Pro 30/50 lamp


Model:   Viqua UV Pro 30/50 lamp



One Eight Filtration introduces the Viqua UV Trojan Max part of our UV lamps range.
The Viqua PRO-30/50 Replacement UV Bulb fits the Viqua UV MAX PRO30/50 UV disinfection system. This Pro 30/50 UV light replacement helps reduce Cryptosporidium, Giardia, bacteria and viruses in your water.  This Viqua UV lamp includes 2 O-rings and has a life of 18,000 hours. The Trojan UV bulb is environmentally friendly, highly efficient and uses 70% less mercury than other UV lamps.
The high output lamps that are used in the Viqua UV Max™ systems have a one year life while the low pressure high output amalgam based lamps that are used in the Viqua UVMax™ Pro and Light Commercial series offer a two year lamp life.

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