Project 1

Our Client asked One Eight to design and build a water recovery system which could both clean and remove waste particles from the water post production. One Eight worked with our client to create a system that would reduce the necessity to remove hazwaste from site from every two weeks to once per year whilst also with providing a consistently high quality of recycled water for production. This success was achieved by careful design and planning between One Eight specialists in our design department & laboratory team and our Clients specialists personnel.


Client required a recovery system to provide water for bathrooms in their manufacturing plant. The system was sized and installed to match our clients specification and within the available space. Sizing the system to match the roof space and the water requirements along with providing water to EU drinking water standards 2017 resulted in our client removing the requirement for mains water and the associated water costs.


High quality water is a staple requirement for many industries and the effective chemical free processes. From Reverse Osmosis and Demonized water systems to specialist electrodeionization, One Eight continue to design and installs exceptional quality solution for our client ensuring their processes and manufacturing schedules are protected far into the future.