Saving money with rainwater 💦 harvesting from your commercial building


  • ✔️Step 1: Find the historic rainfall levels in your area from Met Eireann:
    Met Eireann Monthly Data
  • ✔️Step 2: Calculate your building’s roof collection area from Google Maps:
    Google Maps Right Click in map, select measure distance, draw a line around the roof and it will calculate the Roof Area in m²
  • ✔️Step 3: Calculate your potential Annual rainwater yield:
    Annual rainwater yield = P x A x R
    P = annual rainfall in mm
    A = Roof collection area in m2
    R = Roof Co-efficient

Let’s look at an example:

Site Location : Dublin 15
Roof Area : 10,028m²
Roof Co-efficient : 0.8**
Rainfall : 757.9 mm/ Mean avg. / Year
Weather Station : Dublin Airport Station
Potential Water Savings : 757.9 x 10,028 x 0.8 = 6,080,177 Lt/Year
Area Potential Rainwater Water Savings: 6,080,560.45 Litres/Year or 6,080m3 /Year
Financial Savings : 6,080m3 x €1.99* = €12,099 / Year!
*Dublin Water Charges: Supply m3: €1.16, Wastewater Services m3: €0.83, Combined m3: €1.99
**typically you should expect to collect 80% of this rainwater each year due to losses in filtering and small rainfalls that do not generate enough runoff

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