Four Phases To Saving Water In Your Company

One Eight Filter Dynamics - Four Phases

Manufacturing companies in particular typically use large quantities of water during production. The question therefore remains as to how to recycle and reuse their water in as efficient and environmentally manner as possible.

In fact, water and water recycling and reuse has become a hot topic amongst engineers, who want to efficiently monitor and reuse high quality water within their production systems, done right, there is the potential to bring industrial water back to be able to reuse and in most instances can in fact be brought back to drinking water quality.

The only question remaining is how to create a system within each manufacturing plant that specifically addresses the issues of water recycling and reuse.

In the interests of this blog we will focus primarily on how to effect a water saving campaign.

Phase one – Initiation:

  • Obtain commitment from senior management.
  • Involve staff and appoint the leader for the proposed water saving team.
  • Research water saving devices and their application.
  • Develop a simple programme.
  • Allocate required resources.

Phase two – Survey water usage and development of a water balance:

  • Identify where, how and why water is used. Make a strong list.
  • Identify the water quality requirement at each usage point.
  • Analyze the water quality and availability at each point of discharge.

Phase three – Evaluate water saving options:

  • Identify current and determine future water costs by area or item of equipment.
  • Evaluate cost-effective water saving devices and practices.
  • Carry out trials of likely options.

Phase four – Implementation:

  • Decide if staff training may be required
  • Implement cost-effective water saving devices and practices.
  • Monitor and record data on the implemented devices and practices.
  • Communicate successes and savings to employees, this will develop a future culture for saving water.
  • Obtain feedback from staff and evaluate accordingly.

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