Ecosoft P’ure Balance 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter Set


Benefits of Ecosoft P’URE Balance RO filter set:

  • 6 stages of water filtration including mineralization
  • Removes chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals
  • Eliminates cysts like cryptosporidium
  • Filters out lead, arsenic, pesticides, nitrates, sulphates, detergents and 99.9% of known contaminants of water
  • Enhances taste of water
  • Adds trace minerals such as calcium & magnesium back into the water
  • Highly efficient & environmental friendly RO system with a Water Recovery Rate of 50%

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Get unlimited supply of pure drinking water at fraction of a price with Ecosoft 6 Stage reverse osmosis water filter system. This system is a perfect addition to any home, and delivers perfect quality water straight from your kitchen tap 24×7.

Excellent for drinking, cooking and for filling your kettle. Creating the purest water you are ever likely to taste.

The highlight of this Ecosoft 6 Stage RO system is the remineralizer filter that adds back healthy minerals back into the water which were lost in the filtration stage.

This unit can be connected to most American-style fridges and tri-flow taps.


Purchase two sets for 10% off for a limited time.