Floating Suction Kit- Pedrollo KGE


• KGE floating suction kit includes:
– 1.5 metre long PVC hose (Ø 30


MULTI-EVO with KGE kit for aspiration at about 10 cm below the water surface, preventing the suction of any floating waste or sediment on the bottom of the tank thus avoiding any damage to the pump.



One Eight Filtration Dynamics introduces the Floating Suction Kit- Pedrollo KGE

With the KGE kit, the suction of the Pedrollo TOP MULTI-EVO pump occurs at about 10 centimeters below the surface of the water, preventing the suction of floating residues or sediments deposited on the bottom of the tank, avoiding damage to the electric pump.

The kit consists of a 30 mm PVC spiral hose 1.5 meters long, a stainless steel suction filter, a spherical polyethylene float and 30mm hose connectors

The submersible pump is sometimes called a bell pump and is fully immersed in water to be extracted. These pumps are used in situations that involve flooding, such as rising groundwater in cellars or basements, flooded boats, or flooded areas

Submersible pumps can be used in:

  • Well or borehole pumping
  • Site drainage
  • Water transfer
  • Flood protection
  • Wastewater removal
  • Water features for ponds

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