Pedrollo Top Multi 2 (c/w Float)


Top Multi 2 (c/w Float)
0.55 0.75
10 ˷ 80 40 ˷ 5
  • Two mechanical seals separated by an oil chamber
  • Impellers: Noryl
  • Float switch
  • Standard equipment:

– O 35mm hosetail fitting

– Pipe coupling threaded 1.complete with flap-check valve

  • Registered community design n. 000885587

• TOP MULTIR Registered trade mark n. 0001334477



Submersible Pumps

Want to learn more about our Pedrollo Pedrollo Top Multi 2 (c/w Float). TOP MULTI are centrifugal multistage submersible pumps featuring closed impellers with a particular application for pumping from wells and water boosting from tanks. Part of the Pedrollo range. Two specifications are available MULTI Standard for manual operation and MULTI TECH which features a built in automatic electronic controller providing water on demand.

All MULTI models feature excellent motor cooling performance due to the jacketed motor design enabling the pump to operate continuously partially submerged. Other innovative features include double mechanical seals with intermediate oil chamber for total motor sealing and simple design for ease of maintenance. Pump construction is fiberglass reinforced techno plastic body and suction filter with Noryl impellers and diffusers. All pumps are fitted with a low level control float switch and 10m cable as standard.

 Features of Pedrollo Top Multi 2 (c/w Float)  are as follows;

  • Pump starts on pressure (below 1.5Bar) and stops on flow (<2l/min).
  • Protects against dry run with auto restart. The controller automatically attempts to restart the pump at intervals of 15, 30 and 60mins for a maximum of 24hrs.
  • Protection against cycling. After 30mins of repeated cycling (intervals of <2mins) the controller switches off the pump for 30mins after which restart occurs. Fitting a small pressure tank on the delivery line pre-charged to 1.2Bar is recommended to reduce cycle times. Static head should be <10m or pump will not start.
  • Protection against seizing. The controller automatically runs the pump for 10secs after 48hrs of pump inactivity.


Pumps are provided with built-in non-overloading induction motors designed for continuous operation. A thermal cut-out is provided in the motor windings to protect against pump overload and the pump can be connected directly to the mains power supply through a 10amps fuse or MCB

Submersible pumps can be used in:

  • Well or borehole pumping
  • Site drainage
  • Water transfer
  • Flood protection
  • Wastewater removal
  • Water features for ponds