Green filter EZ Turn


EZ CLIP In-line green filter

Connected to flexible water tubing with a simple push into-place fitting at the top and bottom of the filter. The filter body is secured to the wall by pushing it into a C-Clip. Ideal in situations where simplicity and space are a priority.



One Eight introduce the Green filter EZ Turn one of our many filter ranges.  Traditional methods of cleaning water, including treating water with chlorine prior adding it to the mains – generally resulting in an unpopular taste; other companies have improved taste for Point of Use coolers with disposable, plastic housed filters.

Special Features

  1. Compatible with most POU units, coffee machines and other drinking water appliances.
  2. Interchangeable filter media.
  3. Simple installation for Green filter EZ Turn . The Green Filter can be installed with little more than a push and click
  4. Easy maintenance with filter changes every 6 months.
  5. Two filter housing designs for a perfect ft in any environment.
  6. Cleaning Cartridge: replace filter media with sanitizing solution to create a cleaning
    cartridge that can be used to sanitize all water contact surfaces inside your POU
  7. OUTSIDE-IN filtration for maximum filtration efficiency with a minimal drop in
    pressure and low risk of blockage
  8. These filters assist in the reduction of chlorine, scale sediment, rust, sand, stone particles.
  9. They have ultra filtration, improve taste and odour and kill bacteria.
  10. Lower in cost to purchase and maintain compared to other filtration and bottled water products
  11. The filter housing is easy to sanitize with long lasting material
  12. Compatible with almost all water appliances including, refrigerators, coffee machines, drinking fountains, filtered water dispensers and under sink filtration systems