Viqua S950RL-HO Lamp


Model: S950RL-HO

Description: VP950

Watt: 100

Length: 1000mm

This is the replacement lamp for VIQUA VP950, VP950M and obsolete Sterilight SPV950, SP950-HO and SPV-20 Series UV systems.  Installing a fresh lamp every 12 months is crucial to keep your system operating effectively.  If you don’t, the lamp’s UV rays can gradually weaken until they no longer affect harmful micro-organisms.  Sticking to a strict, one year change-out schedule is the best way to prevent this and ensure top system performance.

**When it’s time to change your VIQUA Lamp, it’s important to use a VIQUA replacement.

* Replace lamp every 12 months



Viqua S950RL-HO Lamp is available to purchase from One Eight Filtration Dynamics.
This lamp is the replacement lamp for obsolete VIQUA Sterilight SPV-15, SPV-740, SP740-HO, SC-740, and SCM-740 Series UV systems.  It is extremely important to replace this lamp every 12 months to maintain proper system efficacy.  As the key component of your UV system, the lamp renders micro-organisms harmless when they pass through the UV rays. Constantly exchanging aged lamps for fresh ones ensures you get the cleanest water your system can offer.
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