Rainwater Recovery time to Save

rainwater recovery
  • Yes.✔️ Rainwater can be used in all areas currently being supplied by mainswater.
  • Yes.✔️ We can supply rainwater to drinking water standards and better, process and also product contact high purity.
  • No. Rainwater is not corrosive. Rainwater has a PH post processing of 7 – 7.2
  • Yes.✔️ Rainwater can be captured from any building without any disruption or alteration to the existing building
  • Yes.✔️ Rainwater is a highly feasibly resource to reduce running cost in business

For years the term rainwater harvesting was considered to be an eco warrior type effort with no real world commercial application or benefit. The old concept of dirty water, large water storage buried in the ground type gravity based systems; double plumbing and toilet use only is one that we at One Eight meet on a daily basis, which admittedly is a true reflection of the legacy rainwater harvesting systems.

The reality of today’s systems is like all other technology, One eight took the old concept of rainwater harvesting, read the book and then threw it away as it was outdated, non progressive , non beneficial to the end user. We decided to develop products that adhere to the follow simple principals and we coined the term Rainwater Recovery to help differentiate our product offering from the historical systems which are still on sale today ;

The system can be easily fitted to new or retrofit projects without the need for groundwork’s, re-plumbing, gravity and are non invasive,The water quality is provided to EU drinking water standard,The system when proposed and installed is a viable, cost effective solution with sub 3-5 year return on investment.

So where can the systems be used and for what?

After more than three years in development we launched our first products to the market in 2012 and since then we have installed our commercial and domestic products in all manner of projects as well as distributing our products in the UK through Travis Perkins Group, Ireland with Heat Merchants Group.

Utilise what you have, don’t let it all go down the drain.

Rainwater recovery systems are utilised in all applications where our clients wish to offset water cost and save substantially in their yearly budgets. With a Rainwater recovery system, every 1000m² of roof space your commercial building has, you can save 1080m³ of water. Now, multiply your present council water cost per m³ for example €2.00 per m³ by 1080m³ of recovered rainwater, this is a saving of €2,160.00 per year. When you consider most commercial buildings have a roof/floor space of 1000m² upwards in size, the savings can run into tens of thousands per year. Irrespective of the building size and water use, a recovery system can be sized to suit the building and occupancy ensuring the return on investment to our clients.

Architects, Engineers and Developers have already realized that using a rainwater recovery system in commercial or a domestic house development application can significantly assist in water attenuation for planning under SUDs and water conservation. Using a rainwater recover system on buildings means that the attenuation area required as part of planning/ SUDs can be reduced by as much as 50% by removing the hard surface roof area of every house from your calculations and reusing the rainwater in the building, thus reducing your hard surface water runoff to storm water and instead rainwater on roof tops is now reused and thus is now foul water.

Good business

Clients installing a rainwater recovery system are looking to future proof their businesses and as water is a commodity which is chargeable even with Ireland’s latest unsustainable water financial model. Supporting your mains water demand with recovered rainwater will in all cases reduce cost the figures speak for themselves.

If you wish to discuss rainwater recovery for your building then please contact us on Info@OneEight.ie we would be happy to help.