Stop paying to shipping water weight offsite. How an Automatic Filterpress can reduce the moisture content in the waste cake.

The Automatic Filterpress can significantly reduce the moisture content in waste cake, effectively minimizing the need to ship water weight offsite.

Here’s how One Eight Can help achieves this:


High Pressure Filtration:

Similar to other filter presses, the Automatic Filterpress utilises high pressure to separate solids from liquids in the slurry or waste material. By applying pressure, the Filterpress squeezes out excess water from the slurry, resulting in a drier cake with lower moisture content.


Efficient Dewatering:

The Filterpress consists of a series of filter plates that are designed to capture solid particles while allowing water to pass through. As the slurry is forced through these plates under pressure, the solids are retained, while the water drains away, facilitating efficient dewatering of the waste material.


Automatic Operation:

The Automatic Filterpress is equipped with automation features that enable continuous and automatic operation. This ensures consistent and efficient dewatering of the waste material without the need for constant monitoring or manual intervention, thereby streamlining the process , reducing labour ours and maximising productivity.


Variable Pressure Control:

Some models of the Automatic Filterpress may offer variable pressure control, allowing operators to adjust the pressure according to the specific characteristics of the slurry or waste material being processed. This flexibility enables optimisation of the dewatering process for maximum moisture removal.


Reduced Transportation Costs:

By significantly reducing the moisture content in the waste cake, an Automatic Filterpress helps minimise the weight of water being shipped offsite for disposal or further treatment. This reduction in water weight translates to lower transportation costs and environmental impact associated with offsite waste management.


Environmental Benefits:

The drier waste cake produced by the Automatic Filterpress can have environmental benefits, such as reducing the volume of waste requiring disposal and minimizing the risk of leachate or contamination during storage and transportation.


Overall, an Automatic Filterpress offers an efficient and effective solution for reducing the moisture content in waste cake, thereby minimising the need to ship water weight offsite while improving process efficiency and environmental sustainability and reducing costs