Water Impurities, Chemistry & Treatments

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  • 💧 1% of the total water resources on earth are available for human use.
  • 💧 70 per cent of the world’s surface is covered by water and 97.5 per cent of that is salt water.
  • 💧 2.5% is freshwater available for human consumption,
  • ❄️ However 69% of that 2.5% is frozen in ice caps and glaciers

A consistent supply of water is essential for development, it’s required for the cooling of products and equipment, for process needs, for boiler feed, and for sanitary and potable water supply. Let’s have a very quick look at the entire picture,


Pure water (H20)💦 is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. It is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Because water gets contaminated by the substances with which it comes into contact, it is rarely available for use in its pure state from source. To some degree, water can dissolve every naturally occurring substance on the earth. Because of this property, water has been termed a “universal solvent.” Although beneficial the solvency of water can pose a threat to industrial equipment. Corrosion reactions cause the slow dissolution of metals, deposition reactions, which produce scale on heat transfer surfaces, represent a change in the solvency power of water as its temperature is varied. The control of corrosion and scale is a major focus of water treatment process and technology.

Water impurities and issues

Water impurities include dissolved and suspended solids; calcium bicarbonate as a soluble salt. A solution of calcium bicarbonate is clear, because the calcium and bicarbonate are present as atomic sized ions which are not large enough to reflect light you might be interested in reading my article on RO Systems to understand more. Suspended solids are substances that are not completely soluble in water and are present as particles. These particles usually impart a visible turbidity to the water. Dissolved and suspended solids are present in most water. An extensive list of soluble & suspended impurities found in water, are as follows;

Common water impurities found are:

When it come to water treatment, knowledge of the issue is imperative to allow you to correctly and efficiently address any and all water impurities and treatments solutions. Water treatment is not a one size fits all solution. Correct identification and testing🔍 of the issue MAY cost you, incorrect system specification and treatment WILL Cost you.

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