A1. Water Softener Limescale Removal 10lt -1-4 People-Including Installation


  • Removal of lime in water supply
  • 10 litre cabinet version
  • 1200 litre capacity
  • Suitable for an 1-4 person household or commercial application
  • Protects heating elements and the entire home
  • Price is for product only.  If you would like for one of our specialists engineers to install the system for you, Please Contact our office on (067) 53 886 of fill out a contact us form and one of our team will be happy to help you.
  • *Requires a 25kg bag of softening salt upon installation – not included
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The Water Softener Limescale Removal 10lt is one of the most efficient water softeners available on the Irish market due to its intelligent controller and up-flow proportional brining system saving water, regenerant & money for the home owner.

Choose the eSoft ECO for a superior water softening experience that seamlessly blends quality and affordability. This high-performance softener employs innovative upflow regeneration and precision brining technologies, ensuring not only reliability but also substantial savings in salt and water usage each year.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a small business owner, the eSoft ECO stands out as the ideal choice, offering efficiency, environmental friendliness, and significant cost savings.

Elevate your water softening solution with the eSoft ECO and enjoy unparalleled performance that aligns perfectly with your budget and sustainability goals.

To address a wide array of needs, the eSoft ECO water softener is offered in various sizes, providing compatibility for anything from a single tap to a spacious family home. Our committed team of water treatment specialists is ready to assist you in choosing the optimal softener size that precisely meets your requirements.


  • Efficient Water Treatment in a Compact Design

Experience 100% limescale removal, enjoy the luxury of soft water, and relish in the convenience of filtered drinking water – all seamlessly integrated into one powerful package.

  • Water Usage Monitoring

Smartly metering your water usage, the eSoft ECO regenerates only when necessary, optimizing efficiency and           ensuring resourceful water management.

  •  Unrivalled Reliability

Rigorously tested with 1 million cycles, our product stands as a testament to its robustness and reliability. Trust eSoft ECO for consistent performance.

  •  Outstanding Flow Performance

Achieve our highest-ever flow rate of 28 litres per minute, making it perfect for High Flow Rate combi boilers. The    built-in limescale filter guarantees an uninterrupted flow of pristine water.

Households and small businesses 

  1. Suitable for a 1-4 person household/ small business premises
  2. Protects heating elements and the entire home
  3. This whole house water softener removes hardness/ lime from the water entering the house, ensuring your appliances, pipes, fittings, hair and skin are protected from hard water / limescale.
  4. Laundry comes out brighter, glasses and dishes regain their shine
  5. It’s better for cooking and making drinks
  6. Protect your appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines
  7. Enjoy showers and baths with silky smooth water
  8. Reduce streaking and spotting when you wash your car
  9. Does Not Affect Water Pressure
  10. Whole House Softening Filtration
  11. Suitable for Apartments or Houses
  • Includes Installation.
  • *Requires a 25kg bag of softening salt upon installation – not included

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