Ecosoft Standard 5 Stage Unpumped Reverse Osmosis


5 Stage Unpumped Reverse Osmosis system is your dependable and straightforward method for savoring pure drinking water. We meticulously handpicked components that not only maintain affordability but also ensure the water quality remains unsurpassed

Experience the excellence of pristine drinking water right in the comfort of your home with our Ecosoft Standard reverse osmosis filters – an affordable and secure solution.



One Eight Filtration introduces the Ecosoft Standard 5 Stage Unpumped Reverse Osmosis part of our reverse osmosis range.

Ecosoft Standard 5 Stage Unpumped Reverse Osmosis is a technology that efficiently removes a large majority (over 98%) of contaminants from water. It works by pressurizing water through a series of smaller filters and a semi-permeable membrane, effectively trapping and eliminating all unwanted impurities.

Key Features

  • 5 stages of water purification
  • 7.9 L/2.1 gal of drinking water per hour
  • Ecosoft membrane element
  • Tasty water thanks to coconut shell carbon filter
  • Filter housing made of food grade plastic manufactured in the EU
  • No electricity required.
  • Typically used in kitchens to remove impurities such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, bacteria, dirt, pharmaceuticals, bad taste & odour and give pure quality water.
  • A modern tap and fittings also supplied.
  • Typically 150 to 200 litres of water a day can be produced which is stored in a small pressure vessel (8 litres). Enough to fill kettles and pans.

Quality of mineralized water Ecosoft Standard 5 Stage Unpumped Reverse Osmosis

  • pH 7-7.5
  • Total mineral content – 55-65** mg/L
  • Calcium – 10-15 mg/L
  • Magnesium <1 mg/L
  • Sodium + potassium <5 mg/L
  • Hydrocarbonates — 30-50 mg/L
  • Chlorides <5 mg/L

* The indicators are determined under the following conditions: inlet water temperature is 20 °С, outlet water composition and filter operation parameters correspond to the recommended by the manufacturer, water consumption intensity is appropriate for a family of three. When the inlet water temperature decreases in winter, the mineral content in the treated water may be lower, and when the temperature increases in summer, it may be higher.

** After one hour or more standing time, the mineral concentration in the first glass of water may exceed the stated value

Source water requirements

    • pH = 6.5–8.5
    • Total dissolved solids ≤ 1500 mg/L
    • Hardness ≤ 10.0 meq/L (<500 mg/L CaCO₃)
    • Chlorine ≤ 0.5 mg/L
    • Total iron ≤ 0.3 mg/L
    • Manganese ≤ 0.1 mg/L
    • Chemical oxygen demand ≤ 5 mg O₂/L
    • Total microbial count (TMC) ≤ 50 CFU/100 ml
    • Coliform index ≤ 3

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