QS0-950 Viqua UV Quartz Sleeve


Model: QS0-950

Description: VP950

Length: 1050mm



One Eight Filtration Dynamics introduces the QS0-950 Viqua UV Quartz Sleeve part of our UV Replacement Sleeves ranges.

UV systems include a quartz sleeve, which surrounds the lamp.  The quartz material used in quartz sleeves are a 100% fused silica which lend to the sleeve’s high transmittance.  A high transmittance is important as the UV light must travel through the sleeve to get to the water.

Quartz Sleeves Overview

  • High quality, fire polished quartz sleeves
  • Wide range of diameters, wall thickness and lengths
  • Supplied with open ends or with closed test tube ends
  • Custom configurations and fabrication available upon request

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