A1. Water Softener Limescale Removal – 1-6 People – Including Installation Nationwide


This package includes the Water softener Unit and full installation nationwide. It is suitable for a household of up to 6 people. It can be installaed under your existing sink or we can install it in an external garage or pump house. You also have an option for external installation with the inclusion of an additional external cover.

The system will remove 100% of  lime from your water supply, protecting the entire house from limescale buildup. It uses salt to regenerate / backshwash to keep the system opperational , on averge it will use 6- 10 bags per year.

The eSoft ECO is the most up to date range of water softeners to reach the Irish market, it is one of the most efficient water softeners available due to its intelligent controller and upflow proportional brining system saving water, regenerant & money for the home owner.


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One Eight Filtration introduce the Ecosoft Pink 10 Water Softener for Limescale Removal as part of our softener limescale removal section. 


  • 1-6 person house
  • 100% Limescale Removal
  • 30% More Efficient on Salt
  • 70% Less Water Regeneration
  • US made Clack valve with diamond-carbon coated disk inside
  • Free Professional Installation
  • 10 Litre cabinet
  • Volume capacity* — 2 m³
  • Can be Installed Inside or Outside
  • Whole House Filtration
  • Does not Affect Water Pressure
  • NSF Highest Standard Certified
  • *Requires a 25kg bag of softening salt upon installation – not included
  • The eSoft ECO cabinet water softener is a 10 litre cabinet suitable for a family home of 1-6 persons.

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Technical specifications

  • Operating Flow rate — 1.2 m³/h
  • Quantity of media — 10 L
  • Volume capacity* — 2 m³
  • Usage of salt per regeneration** — 1.0 kg
  • Usage of water per regeneration — 0.08 m³
  • Duration of regeneration — 80–110 minutes
  • Pressure drop in service mode — 0.5 bar
  • Inlet pressure — 2–6 bar
  • Electrical requirements — 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption — 30 W
  • Inlet/outlet pipe connections — 3/4’’

*for hardness at 5 meq/L (250 mg/L CaCO₃)